Thursday, November 6, 2008

HackBar 1.4.1 beta release!

Finally! The update we have been waiting for!

It still needs a lot of testing so i'm releasing this as a beta, but it should work fine!

- "OSX toolbar not showing" bug!!
- Better layout for INT/HEX addition/subtraction
- A few minor translation bugs

New Features:
- Add/Subtract Octal
- Add/Subtract Alphabetical (a-z)
- Add/Subtract Alpha numeric (a-z 0-9)
- "Strip spaces" function, removes all space chars from selected string
- Convert characters to hex and back in 3 formats (00ff00ff, 00:ff:00:ff and 00 ff 00 ff)

Any bugs / comments can be mailed to: or posted as a comment below.

Download HackBar 1.4.1 here

Have fun!


x-tense said...

Thx for this release I'll test it on MAC OS X :)

Anonymous said...

Hi ive been using HackBar for a while and its always annoyed me that if you try and increment an integer which has a 0 before it that HackBar will just strip out the 0's so 00311 would become just 312

Ive modified the addon myself to suit and i thought you might like to add my changes back to yours

Code is below and is Base64 Encoded


Anonymous said...

One more time cause apparently it got corrupted *roll eyes*


Gnarf said...

Tnx anon, i'll add it in the next release!

The 1.4.1 version is still pending in the mozilla sandbox, so it will take a while..

x-tense said...

I have a problem with the post parameters.

If I post a parameter for example like:

login=' OR 1=1--

I have a bad translation of spaces into %20

Regards ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, I was teaching my friend (a mac user) about SQL Injection using this, and he was having trouble with the stable version.

I love the hex encoding feature in the new version, too! No more going between phpmyadmin and hackbar.

John said...

Not working firefox 3.0.4 says not a valid install file. :(

zxc said...

It is Great. Please make it float, as tamper data.

sao said...

I've found a bug on the newest hackbar, but I can not find your email to report. Please contact me for details. My email: . My website: . Regard

VK said...

Hi can you please tell me that are there any userguides to use hackbar effectively....

Anonymous said...

Okay so now we have GET and POST,

what about COOKIES? :D

you could have something like:

Name | Content | Domain | Path | Expiry | Secure (Checkbox)

I have add n edit cookies but it really sucks.

Hackbar is usually better than tamperdata, livehttpheaders, but it would be really nice if it could edit cookies as well.

Sudheer Reddy said...

the download link doesn't work for me :( is it just for me or everyone else too ?? and great work on it :)

Anonymous said...

download link is'nt working for me either :-(

can you fix this please? because the old version isn't working anymore...

Gnarf said...

The link was broken by some changes in the .htaccess file. It is fixed now. :P

Anonymous said...

The hackbar toolbar doesn't show up at all in Minefield or Firefox here. I have 3.0.1, in Leopard.

I miss hackbar, and I'm confused by the fact that this very bug is supposed to have been fixed, yet remains true for me. Could it be conflicting with another extension?


(email address is just that name, with

Bill said...

Is there any tutorial somewhere I can use?

Jan said...

Very nice add-on!
I miss just one feature: Select an encrypted string and search for it at well known online MD5-Hash databases. Those websites provide nice APIs for that reason.

Greetings from Switzerland

123 123 said...
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avenhr said...

is there any plan to support several "Post data" executions in series?

I would like to "Post" different datas to different URL's one after another in a free selectable order.

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Hi great soft !

Could you upgrade to Firefox 3.6 ?

Many thanks.

Nicolas Karageuzian said...


It would be great if your hackbar comes with complete Headers manipulation, it could fit for cooking/authentication needs and, combined with firebug, will make, at last, an better tool than fiddler (which requires IbEark).

Anonymous said...

Please Update for using in Firefox 3.6+